Colorado Cleantech Industry Association (CCIA)

Colorado Cleantech Industry Association

The Colorado Cleantech Industry Association represents the interests of the state's cleantech industry.

Denver, CO
Trade Association

Sparking Innovation and Investment in Colorado's Clean Technology Companies

Clean technology is a response to the environmental and natural resource constraints of the 21st Century and represents one of our nation's greatest challenges and opportunities. Clean technology includes renewable energy manufacturers and providers as well as products and services that make our current energy production and distribution systems more efficient. The sector also includes products and technologies that help consumers and industries use natural resources such as energy, water and waste more efficiently.

Our Mission
Founded in 2008, CCIA is a statewide organization dedicated to promoting Colorado's cleantech industry. We are the only industry-led, industry-focused cleantech group in the state. Our mission is to provide advocacy, public policy leadership, development and education in the cleantech sector.

Public Policy
We represent the industry's point of view to federal, state and local governments. Guided by our public policy committee, we advocate for programs and resources that support industry growth.

Forums and Communication
We convene the industry for purposes of capacity building, education, training and creating public policy initiatives that are consistent industry needs. Under the guidance of our communications committee, we provide communications on behalf of the industry.

Research and Data
We provide reliable and sophisticated information about the industry, trends and analysis. We are developing a comprehensive database of cleantech companies in Colorado.

Partnerships with Research Institutions
We provide a single point of contact to negotiate and partner with governments, economic development agencies, research institutions, laboratories and others.

Statewide Initiatives
We support a multi-year strategy to build and sustain the industry in Colorado. We will be issuing an request for proposals to fund a 2010 state plan to develop Colorado's cleantech cluster.
Federal Policy Initiatives

We have developed a list of federal policy priorities. We work to secure Colorado's position as a leader in clean technology by including our priorities in legislation developed by the new Administration.

The CCIA ia a Chapter member of the Advanced Energy Economy network.

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