Cobalt Technologies

Cobalt Technologies is leading the transportation industry to cleaner, more efficient renewable fuels.

Mountain View, CA

Cobalt Technologies is a leading developer of innovative technologies that enable the next generation of biofuels. By bringing together leaders in microbial physiology, strain improvement, fermentation and separation technologies, Cobalt is pioneering science that makes possible a new generation of fuels that burn cleaner, are more cost-effective, and have a smaller environmental impact.

Cobalt’s current portfolio of technologies is advancing the commercial production of biobutanol, an alcohol fuel made from plant material. By optimizing fermentation productivity, yield, and titer, Cobalt is making biobutanol a viable and economic transportation fuel. Cobalt is demonstrating how the ease of distribution, higher energy content, and environmental benefits of biobutanol make it an ideal fuel to address the immediate needs of the transportation fuel industry.

Cobalt Technologies is a VantagePoint cleantech portfolio company.

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