Carmanah Technologies Corporation

Victoria, BC

At Carmanah we've been putting solar to work since 1996. The first company of its kind in the world, Carmanah pioneered the self-contained solar light and continues to develop best-in-class solar LED lighting and solar power systems for industrial applications worldwide.

With bold ideas and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Carmanah developed a product that changed the way the world thinks about solar lighting. Early on Carmanah saw the natural match between solar power and LED technology. Incorporating the two technologies along with a patented energy management system, Carmanah created the world's first self-contained solar power LED marine lantern. Refined in design and function in cooperation with the Canadian Coast Guard, Carmanah solar LED lighting was built to meet the demands of the world's toughest applications and environments.

Carmanah products continue to meet those kinds of stringent demands today. Providing solar LED lighting and power systems for a range of industrial applications, Carmanah brings world-class products to a variety of demanding clients including the aviation, traffic, telecom, construction and mining industries. With a keen focus on research and development, Carmanah remains on the leading edge of solar LED technology and proudly continues the tradition of boldness and innovation from which it grew.

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