Calxeda brings unseen performance density to the data center on a very attractive power foot print by leveraging ultra-low power processors as used on mobile phones as a foundation for its revolutionary technology.

Austin, TX
VC-Funded Company
Clean Products

Founded in 2008, and funded with a $48M investment from ARM and seasoned venture capital investors in 2010, Calxeda is bringing revolutionary efficiency to the data center. Leveraging ultra-low power technology from ARM Holdings, servers built on Calxeda’s silicon and software platform will consume a fraction of the power and space of today’s best-in-class servers, enabling data centers to realize significant reduction in capital and operating expenses. The Calxeda platform scales efficiently to thousands of server nodes, with unique network and storage acceleration, and is enhanced with management technology to deliver true “energy-proportional” computing. The result is a stunning breakthrough in performance efficiency, density, and scalability. We anticipate that appropriate workloads could see up to a 10-fold improvement in performance-per-watt and density.

We anticipate having silicon samples for OEMs later this year, with volume production in the 1st half of 2012. We are working with several large and small system vendors who are designing servers that will contain many hundreds of cores in a 2U server chassis. A single Calxeda server node, complete with memory and integrated inter-node fabric scaling to thousands of nodes, will only consume 5 watts, enabling new server designs that will radically alter the landscape of the world’s largest datacenters.

The server industry is discovering what the cell phone world has known for over decades – that power matters. As one well-known hosting provider recently commented after hearing our story, “Oh. This changes everything.”

Calxeda is a Battery Ventures, and an Austin Ventures portfolio company.

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