BrightGrid is a financial services company that provides homeowners with financing solutions that enable them to switch to clean solar energy.


News and Stories: SunRun Expands Solar Financing to Hawaii. September 15, 2010.

BrightGrid was created in 2009 with a team that brings several decades of experience in the solar energy, conventional energy and financial services industries. We have always been passionate about the potential of solar power to improve the world and it is our mission to bring solar technology into the mainstream. We believe this requires financing solutions that are simple, flexible, and affordable. We have created our leasing product and system design standards with this in mind.

BrightGrid is currently serving the California community but is intent on making solar energy accessible and affordable across the nation. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a BrightGrid solar energy system lease where you live and we will keep you updated on our plans to offer the BrightGrid Lease in your state and city.

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