Bright Green Talent

We strive to place the best people in positions that enable them to maximize their contribution to society, their environment, and their personal well-being.

San Francisco, CA
Recruiting/Search Firm

Bright Green began with two people, one book, and a single shared insight: the world needs more environmental leaders.

Our story is rooted in human connection. In 1999 our Chairman Paul Hannam, owner of a successful recruitment business, read a book about our environmental crisis while flying to a conference. Paul was so inspired by the book that upon landing he forgot entirely about the conference, tracked down the author, and went directly to meet him convinced of a new purpose: to plant the seed of environmental entrepreneurship in others. Paul left his business and embarked on a mission that led him to teach as a Don at Oxford, fertilizing the great minds of a coming green revolution. One in particular - Tom Savage - would see the seed of inspiration grow most beautifully.

Tom began his career working in the undergrowth of an investment bank. Deeply unsatisfied, he left to become a social entrepreneur, founding Blue Ventures - a now award-winning marine conservation organisation - and embarking on an adventure that saw him pass through the hallowed halls of Downing Street, build businesses in Madagascar and the UK, win prizes at the UN, and earn a scholarship to Oxford.

It was at Oxford that—despite their 20 year age gap—Tom and Paul connected on a common insight spurred by watching both their peers and pupils struggle to find pathways towards fulfilling, rewarding careers. They decided to build a business that fuelled positive personal, social, and environmental change by channelling the next generation of environmental leaders into organisations worldwide. Bright Green was born.

In 2007 Bright Green sprouted one more branch. We shared the idea with Nick Ellis, another former investment banker, and so was born Bright Green Talent in the US (San Francisco). Today, Bright Green continues to make connections to business leaders around the world, greening the workforce one introduction at a time, and planting the seeds of a brighter, greener tomorrow, every single day.

Our Values:

Be Passionate Professionals: We combine passion and professionalism in our work

Constantly Grow: We continually learn, both individually and as an organization

Use Internal Compass: We act rather than react, using our beliefs and considered judgment to guide us as we work

Be Courageous: We recognize that the easy choice is not always the right choice

Be Transparent: To be as transparent as possible

We strive to place the best people in positions that enable them to maximize their contribution to society, their environment, and their personal well-being. We also:

* Plant a tree for every candidate we place
* Limit our operational footprint wherever we can
* Encourage all employees to take public transport or cycle to work
* Complete pro bono work for charities or causes we're passionate about
* Let us know if there's anything else you might recommend

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