AWS Truewind

Albany, NY

Approaching three decades of service in the industry, AWS Truewind continues to be a leader and innovator in renewable energy consulting. One of the key components to our continued growth and success is our highly skilled, customer-focused staff. The AWS Truewind team consists of approximately 75 meteorologists, engineers, and environmental specialists which are field-oriented and fully conversant with large commercial projects, utility electrical systems, remote field measurements, and distributed applications. This diverse group of professionals is led by a core leadership team consisting of the founding principals, directors and senior staff. These key leaders drive the company to constantly examine processes and establish best practices in an effort to ensure AWS Truewind is consistently delivering powerful solutions.

The long-term success of renewable energy depends on the availability of independent and unbiased expert advice. Our mission to be a world leader providing renewable energy consulting services to developers, investors, and governmental and institutional clients is supported by our drive to continuously use the best available technology in meteorology, engineering, and numerical modeling. Our passion for innovation and commitment to providing the highest levels of integrity in our client and colleague relations, while always maintaining a nurturing and fulfilling work environment, enables us to consistently uphold our mission and maintain a sound work-life balance.

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