Astralux Power Systems specializes in energy efficiency and solar energy system design.

Boulder, CO
Privately Held Company

Astralux Power Systems (a division of Astralux Environmental Solutions) is a Boulder-based company specializing in energy efficiency and solar energy system design.

Astralux was established 15 years ago:

A leader in silicon semiconductor research, the basis of solar energy technology, our firm has several major government R&D contracts.

Our clients include some names you might know:

The U.S. Air Force, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and satisfied solar home and business owners to name a few. The mission of the Power Systems group is to deliver professionally designed, aesthetically pleasing, and ironclad dependable solar energy to Colorado home and business owners.

We pride ourselves on offering not only a premium quality system:

But a premium experience as well. Our installation team has over 20 years experience and has installed among the most systems in the Colorado area. We address this service with the professionalism it deserves.

We believe in Solar Energy:

The solar energy technology today, technology that our company has helped develop, are (1) reliable and affordable over the longer-term, and (2) can be purchased, installed, and maintained with great ease.

Our systems enable our customers to lead by example to a better tomorrow. Our customers know that by taking action today, they are enabling a future of less green-house gases for the environment and lower long-term energy bills for themselves.

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