APTwater develops environmentally sustainable treatment processes based on renewable inputs and producing minimal waste to resolve complex water challenges for municipal, industrial and environmental clients.

Long Beach, CA
VC-Funded Company
Water Treatment

APTwater, Inc. (APTwater) delivers value to our clients by reducing costs and improving sustainability.

We develop and commercialize advanced water treatment process technologies that enable reuse. Our technologies are based on renewable resources and minimize or eliminate production residuals or waste by-products. We provide services and operations support to our clients in response to today's issues, as well as long-term operational needs.

Clean Water. No Waste®
Our technologies, services and process solutions allow customers to efficiently treat and reuse one of our planet's most precious resources: water. Our process technologies harness the power of clean chemical reactions and sustain naturally occurring biological systems.

Diverse Markets. Singular Focus.
We serve clients in the Municipal, Industrial, and Environmental sectors with mission-critical needs to improve sustainability and reduce operating costs.

Experience: Our Difference™
APTwater, Inc. differentiates itself by offering process solutions to your most challenging water treatment problems. Our team is focused on providing extensive engineering support, professional management, and cost-effective project delivery; as a result our customers realize higher performance, lower total cost and less risk.

APTwater offers its products either directly or through trusted representatives and key alliance partners who are leaders in their respective market segments. We build and maintain strong relationships and remain committed for the long-term.

APTwater is a Kleiner-Perkins "GreenTech" portfolio company.

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