Amyris Biotechnologies

AmyrisAmyris is a renewable products company creating truly No Compromise© renewable fuels and chemicals.

Emeryville, CA
Publicly Traded Company
News and Stories:
Biofuel Developer Amyris Fetches $85m in IPO. October 5, 2010.

Amyris is a renewable products company devoted to creating a more sustainable world. We make products that address the global energy and climate crises by applying a unique science platform that enables us to create truly No Compromise© renewable fuels and chemicals.

We have established the partnerships and capabilities needed to bring our products to market as early as 2011, and to distribute these products directly to customers. Under a non-profit initiative, we have also applied our technology to provide a second source of artemisinin, an anti-malarial therapy, which will be commercialized by sanofi-aventis.

Amyris Biotechnologies has received venture capital funding from Kleiner-Perkins, the Westly Group, and Gentry Venture Partners.

Amyris is one of the GoingGreen 2010 top 100 private companies.

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