Alltech is one of the leading animal health companies in the world.

Lexington, KY

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky with Bioscience Centres in the US, Ireland and Thailand, and offices and distributors in 113 countries, Alltech plays a leadership role in the animal health and nutrition industry. We also have 14 production facilities strategically located throughout the world.

We are one of the leading animal health companies in the world. Being a leader brings responsibility - a responsibility to care about the impact we have on the people and places touched by our mission to improve animal health around the world.

As an organization based on science, we have a commitment to research and a track record of turning that research into powerful, feeding solutions. We are committed to providing natural solutions to meet the needs of the animal production industry world wide and also ensuring that we adhere to follow our pioneering ACE Principle – i.e. deliver performance for the Animal, are beneficial for the Consumer and natural and safe for the Environment. Alltech believes in doing business in a socially responsible way. We invest in local economies and develop people skills - both inside our organisation and in the communities around us.

Alltech's innovation has always been its driving force and it is not just a question of bright ideas but also a dynamic integrated process that is collaborative, market driven, efficient and inspired.

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