AES Wind Generation

AES is developing projects to meet growing market needs for new alternative energy resources and technologies, to help create a secure and sustainable energy future.

Arlington, VA
AES Wind Generation

As alternatives to traditional fossil fuels become more economically competitive, more necessary and more in demand, we see opportunity. That's why AES is investing in wind generation and visionary climate solutions.

Over the past few years, AES has made significant inroads into renewables, particularly in wind generation. Wind is one of the lowest cost renewables per megawatt today, and has tremendous growth potential globally—installed capacity is expected to more than triple worldwide by 2015.

Climate Solutions:
AES is developing projects and technologies that reduce or offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—primarily by capturing and destroying methane in a variety of forms before it reaches the atmosphere—creating attractive opportunities for AES while improving the environment in the process.

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