Monrovia, CA

AV was founded in 1971 by celebrated physicist and engineer Dr. Paul MacCready, who Time magazine called one of the "greatest minds of the 20th century". For the next two decades, with the vision of "doing more with much less", the AV team pioneered a succession of groundbreaking vehicles including the Solar Challenger, the Sunraycer, and the General Motors Impact. These and 30 other "world's first"; vehicles cemented AV's position as a premiere development facility for breakthrough vehicle systems.

AV's UAS and PosiCharge product lines are leaders in their respective markets. Each offers a full spectrum of products, accessories, services, and systems integration, and each is directed by focused teams who are responsible for engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, business development, and global expansion. Each product line enables its customers to bypass previously accepted limitations to improve their operating effectiveness. Small teams of soldiers use AV's small UAS to provide themselves with real-time situational awareness, which enhances their mission effectiveness. Large corporations use PosiCharge to increase their productivity and improve safety for rapid cost reduction. The efficiency improvements of both technologies over prior solutions reduce resource consumption and waste streams.

AV also continues to focus on applied R&D through its UAS Advanced Development and Energy Technology Centers, whose sought-after engineering teams develop innovative solutions for customers including Boeing, the Department of Defense, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, NASA and Raytheon. Numerous projects working their way through the development process represent possible future candidates for commercialization and launch. Many of these projects may further AV's heritage of changing the way we think about limitations on performance, safety, and competitive advantage.

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