SpectraWatt was a U.S. based manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar cells. It went into bankruptcy in 2011.

Hopewell Junction, NY

SpectraWatt is a U.S. based manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar cells focused on delivering innovative products of superior quality. Our state of the art, fully-automated, cell manufacturing process along with our extensive research and development capabilities are ideally suited to meet the ever-growing needs of the solar industry.

SpectraWatt manufactures and distributes high performance silicon solar cells for use in solar modules. Our company is dedicated to furthering the development of advanced solar cell technologies and improving current manufacturing processes in order to reduce the cost of photovoltaic energy generation. SpectraWatt aims to enable solar generated electricity to compete, on an unsubsidized basis, with conventional sources of electricity.

SpectraWatt was formed from assets spun out of Intel Corporation in June 2008 and complimented by a $50M Series A investment from multiple investors. SpectraWatt has operations in New York and Oregon.

In 2009, the company constructed its first solar cell factory in Hopewell Junction, New York which is capable of housing over 200 MWp of capacity. Initial production has begun on SpectraWatt's first 60 MWp manufacturing line.

SpectraWatt's research and development team is working on new technologies to increase cell efficiencies well beyond today's average silicon solar cell efficiencies. Our research team is comprised of some of the brightest minds in the industry who have spent years at places such as Stanford, UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech honing their research skills. Our extensive laboratory facilities enable us to quickly move from idea to prototype testing. As our new technologies enter production and reach the market, they will significantly lower the levelized cost of solar energy for end users.

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