Green Jobs at 3Degrees3Degrees provides green power and carbon offset products and services to Fortune 500 companies, utilities, green building firms, and other organizations that are making their operations more sustainable.

San Francisco, CA
Privately Held Company
Renewable Energy

3Degrees' mission is to reduce the magnitude of climate change by accelerating the world's transition to a low-carbon, renewable energy economy. 3Degrees is not alone in this mission — there are thousands of technology and service firms around the world who are trying realize this mission as well. However, unlike most of these firms, 3Degrees seeks to accelerate this transition by supporting organizations' efforts to use Renewable Energy Certificates (otherwise know as RECs) and verified carbon offsets to make their operations, products, and services more sustainable. RECs and carbon offsets provide organizations with an environmental market-based mechanism for supporting green power and greenhouse gas emission reduction projects and for mitigating the environmental impact of their energy use. By meeting and increasing demand for RECs and carbon offsets, 3Degrees helps these organizations reward renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction projects for the environmental benefits associated with their projects. More than fifty environmental markets exist in the U.S. and around the world today. These environmental markets have proven that they can and do work, and can be very effective in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage renewable energy development.

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