Breaking into Green - By Greg Schreiner, Green Tech Recruiter

How Can I Get into a Green Career?

The last couple of years have taken a toll on many families as jobless rates continue to climb with little insight to how the next year or two will play out. As a recruiter in the alternative energy sector, I have been watching things improve since the beginning of the year. Many companies continue to hire, and because of this growth I receive daily calls from interested candidates and the number one question is “How can I get into a green career?”

Green Medallion Development

Green Medallion Development (GMD) is a well funded start-up company headquartered in Sarasota, Florida with plans to develop three large scale master-planned “environmental townships” in Florida. All three will be self sustainable communities that will offer residential housing, commercial businesses, eco-industrial centers, parks and recreational centers, churches, charter schools, organic golf courses and open conservation areas with walking/hiking trail systems.

Is the Obama Green Collar job effort working?

I'm wondering if the Obama administration's effort to create green jobs is working...
So far I haven't seen any real increase in the number of jobs offered by green employers. I'm going to measure this in the next few weeks, and keep everybody posted.

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