Algae Fuel Our New "Green Industrial Revolution"

Algae, the Emeralds of Bio Fuels

Algae fuel is an exciting word today! Especially in the world of alternative fuels. You’ve seen them, yes those ever present algae ponds. Nothing greener except perhaps Emeralds, than the wee algae pond scum. Algae are tiny nature made biological factories that use photosynthesis to transform carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy. They are so efficient at this that they can double their weight several times a day!

Networking Opportunity at the Green Jobs &, Entrepreneurship Fair

By Greg Schreiner, Green Tech Recruiter

Of the many things I enjoy about recruiting, networking with green energy professionals is at the top of my list. I will have an amazing opportunity to do this at the Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair, February 16th, 2011 in Berkeley, CA. Our CEO of Redfish Technology, Rob Reeves, will be participating on a panel discussing the Transition from High Tech to Green Tech and I will be talking with industry leaders and professionals on how to break into Green.

Transitioning from High Tech to Green Tech, by Redfish Technology

The greatest challenge in recruiting for green technology professionals at this time is the small pool of candidates with direct experience, relative to other sectors. From start-ups to established large firms, companies are setting the bar higher during the last few years. This is because they can and they should. The downturn has made available many more qualified (and less qualified) candidates for all roles. Companies are on tighter budgets and funding is not as easy to come by even as VC funding returns to healthier levels, so every penny counts and every opportunity should be fully exploited; all that to say, companies are looking to hire the best talent they can afford.

Where are the Jobs? - CNN Interview with Green Recruiter, Redfish Technology

“Where are the Jobs?”
CNN Interview with Economist, Lakshman Achuthan, Tech & Green Recruiter, Rob Reeves, and Green Job Transitionee, Chris Dunbar.

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