Project Frog and Blu Homes: two exciting green building companies

In the past couple of months, I've encountered a couple of exciting green building companies that build beautiful green homes and buildings:

  • Project Frog, one of the 10 winners of GE's Ecomagination Home Challenge, and
  • Blu Homes, a privately owned company.

Khosla Ventures Cleantech portfolio companies

In the past few days we setup the crawler and added the profiles for all the Khosla Ventures cleantech portfolio companies.

Kleiner-Perkins "Green Tech" Portfolio Companies

Kleiner Perkins We just finished setting up the crawler and the company profiles of all the Kleiner-Perkins green tech portfolio companies.

Energy Pricing and Costs, and Policy for America’s Future

The Hamilton Project’s new study “A Strategy for America’s Energy Future: Illuminating Energy’s Full Costs” starts from the precept that energy consumption is critical to economic growth and our quality of life, but that we have some unintended and unaddressed negative consequences, and that the goal of our energy and climate policy must be to improve Americans’ well-being. Our energy choices do not currently address the social costs such as shorter lives, higher health care expenses, a changing climate, and weakened national security. While these costs are not captured in the retail price, we certainly are paying for them, and dearly.

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