TheGreenJobBank Ranked USA's #1 Green Jobs Website

I just finished a comparison of about 30 green job websites, and TheGreenJobBank comes up #1 in the USA, as ranked by Alexa.

We also have, by far --an order of magnitude higher, more green jobs than any other site. Compared to our 10,000, the closest behind us is with 650. In fact, we have more green jobs than the total of all green jobs posted on all these sites!

How Governments Can Stimulate the Creation of Green Jobs

Recently a friend of mine asked me what the government could do to stimulate the creation of green jobs. He was meeting with state-level officials the next day. I told him that since we are in a free market economy, the first law governing us is the law of supply and demand. No demand, no supply; no supply, no jobs. So a sure way for a government (federal, state or local) to stimulate the creation of green jobs is to stimulate the demand for green products.

Simply Hired's Number of Green Job is Simply Bogus

In a recent article by Claire Moloney on, Claire quoted that Simply Hired's CEO said they have about 45,000 green jobs openings.

That's simply bogus, and here's why:

2nd Quarter of 2012 Starts with Boom in Green Jobs

green rocketThe 2nd quarter of 2012 started like a rocket with 11,300 green jobs aggregated in just one month!

Yes, April yielded 11,300 jobs, while January yielded a little over 10,900, so the quarter-to-quarter growth is about 3.7%.

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