One Day

My name is CJ, and I have hope. Hope that one day we will change our ways and refuse to continue to allow industry processes to destroy our planet. In any way I can I will do my part to educate people on the facts which media and big business do their best to keep hush hush. There is nothing I would appreciate and be blessed with more than the opportunity to work alongside people who share my passion and understand that the future well being of our very descendants is being compromised by our daily actions. Change is needed and I know first hand it will not come easy, but I have hope.

TheGreenJobBank prominently featured in WashingtonPost article

The jobs section of the WashingtonPost weekend edition (Aug. 10, 2012) references TheGreenJobBank as the top green jobs website, and has several of my quotes from a lengthy answer to a questionnaire I got from the writer.

I don't get the paper version, and it's not online, but as soon as I can find a link, I'll share it!

Here's a transcription of the article: Green Jobs Climate Heats Up in D.C. Area.

Google Upgrades TheGreenJobBank from PageRank 4 to PageRank 5

Nice surprise yesterday when my Quirk SearchStatus toolbar showed that TheGreenJobBank was a PR5!!

We've been waiting for this for some time now, after TheGreenJobBank was upgraded from PR3 to PR4 exactly 13 months ago on July 3, 2011.

Persistence pays off!!

TheGreenJobBank on MSN Money as one of the Top 10 Job Sites

About 3 weeks ago, traffic to TheGreenJobBank suddenly surged by about 10%. It took me a few days (due to data acquisition delays in Google Webmaster and Google Analytics) to discover that MSN Money had re-published an article from

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