Steady Increase in the Number of Green Jobs!

Another weekly report from TheGreenJobBank where the number of green jobs keeps rising: 2,436 new green jobs indexed!

For the past 4 weeks, every week has seen a significant increase in the number of jobs indexed over the preceding week.

The total number of current jobs (less than 60 days old) today climbed to 10,860 searchable green jobs, another record!

Among the more than 600 green employers with new jobs this week, some of the ones hiring the most include:

  • hiring technicians and engineers to work on their nanoscale battery technology.
  • hiring solar consultants and solar installers>.
  • Vestas (again in our top list), hiring wind turbine technicians.
  • ERM, hiring a lot of Air Quality Engineers, and Environmental Compliance Consultants.
  • Our own Federal Government, again, hiring PHD's and technicians at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Again, it looks like February will be a great month, and beat the January numbers.