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Number of Facebook Likes Continue to Go up Fast!!

Friday, Apr. 5, 2013, 12:35am.
We're getting really close to 1,000....!!!

Facebook 999 likes!

Another Green Venture Capital Firm: VantagePoint

Another VC firm was added to The Green Job Bank: VantagePoint Capital Partners.

They've invested in 31 cleantech companies, and we have 16 of the 31 setup on The Green Job Bank, with all their jobs. As of today, they had a combined total of 134 jobs.

Khosla Ventures Cleantech portfolio companies

In the past few days we setup the crawler and added the profiles for all the Khosla Ventures cleantech portfolio companies.

Is the Obama Green Collar job effort working?

I'm wondering if the Obama administration's effort to create green jobs is working...
So far I haven't seen any real increase in the number of jobs offered by green employers. I'm going to measure this in the next few weeks, and keep everybody posted.

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