Number of Facebook Likes Continue to Go up Fast!!

Friday, Apr. 5, 2013, 12:35am.
We're getting really close to 1,000....!!!

Facebook 999 likes!

March 2013 was our best month ever!

According to Google Analytics, March 2013 was out best month!

Visitors: 8,250
Unique Visitors: 5,995
Page Views: 49,941
Pages/Visit: 6.05
Average Visit Duration: 00:04:46


TheGreenJobBank Facebook Page Likes Grow Exponentially!

It took us:

  • 2 years to get 500 likes on our Facebook page (Mid-november 2012)
  • 2.5 months to get to 600 (1/31/13)
  • 5 weeks to get to 700 (2/1/13 to 3/6/13)
  • 2 weeks to get to 800 (3/6/13 to 3/20/13)
  • 1 week to get to 900 (3/21/13 to 3/28/13)

At this pace, we'll have thousands at the end of the year!

Thanks Friends and Fans!!

Great article in the Christian Science Monitor based on a story I wrote for TheGreenJokBank!

Jen Alic, Guest blogger for The Christian Science Monitor took a lot of material from my article Several Green Companies on a Hiring Spree.

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