Top 5 Solar Energy Jobs: The Complete Guide on How To Get Yours

Everything you need to know about getting a solar energy job is here! The 5 top types of jobs, the solar companies that are hiring the most, and the solar trade and non-profit associations.

#1: Solar Roof-top Installer

Solar installation jobs (find your solar installation job!) are the most advertized of all solar jobs. Here are some common examples:

  • residential roof-top installation. These jobs usually require prior experience in roofing, general construction, or carpentry.
  • commercial roof-top installation on warehouses, retail buildings, office buildings, government buildings, and schools.
    Both positions require the installer to have a full range of mobility in upper and lower body, be fit, and able to lift 50 lbs of weight frequently throughout the day.
  • Solar Installation Crew Lead or Foreman. These jobs are offered to experienced roofers or contractors who are responsible for the entire installation and wiring job.

#2: Solar Sales

There are several types of solar sales jobs (find your solar sales job!):

  • "inside sales"; or "telemarketing" are desk jobs, making calls to potential customers. Calls can be "cold" calls, or calls to lists of potential customers obtained by canvassers (see below).
  • "outside sales" or "canvassing" is going door-to-door to briefly introduce the company and solar systems. In most of these jobs, if a home owner is interested, the lead is passed on to a sales representative or a consultant/auditor (see below).
  • "sales representative" can be either inside sales or outside sales.

Most of these jobs don't require any degree (not even H/S). Canvassers are often junior or senior high-schoolers, or college students. Good communications skills, and persistence are required (door-to-door canvassing is not for workers who fear rejection!).


#3: Solar Consultant, or Solar Auditor

Solar consultants or auditors (find your solar consultant job!) perform site visits to assess the feasibility and cost of a solar installation. They produce design documents to help prepare the work of the installation team, and obtain all necessary permits. They work in close collaboration with the sales team.


#4: Solar Installation Electrician

The Solar Electrician (find your solar electrician job!) is responsible for the installation of electrical systems that interconnect the solar array to the grid power and the homeowner electrical panel. This position requires knowledge of local electrical installation regulations, and an electrician license (usually a local State license). Some companies also require a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification. In most cases, a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience is preferred.


#5: Solar PV Engineer/Designer

These engineers design large-scale solar installations such as ground-mounted arrays for large solar farms and large roof-top mounted arrays for commercial buildings. The positions often required a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, with knowledge of autoCAD software. To find solar engineer jobs, run the following searches:


Solar Employers

Here are some the the solar energy companies hiring the most:

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Solar Trade Associations